To all who are yearning to become better versions of yourselves, this episode of mind the human is for you.
How much can we really upgrade ourselves?
I met Mark online and connected to him through his podcast content on technological personal development. In this episode you will get inspired by Mark Metry’s answers, authenticity and honesty.

Technology state of art

When talking about technology today, Mark said that it is no different than what technology has always been: a tool to help advance humanity. I couldn’t agree more. He also adds that what makes us human constantly evolves, thus it is unhealthy trying to preserve something to be forever, when its very nature is change and disruption. The next 30 years, the human species is going to be unrecognizable to the average human living today.
One of the very good examples of companies working at the merge of technology with human is KERNEL by Bryan Johnson, working on human augmentation with technology on the brain and gut microbiome.
But it doesn’t have to be that advanced. If you think about it, by just using our phones we are overriding nature’s laws everyday, thus we already are cyborgs. The next step is just seamless interaction. Technology is man made evolution, and evolves just like nature

Human 2.0

Focus is more important than intelligence.
The podcast was a vehicle to get in touch with people I wanted to get to know.
Things you have wished, begin to unfold when you decide to show up. Result for Mark: he was featured in Forbes and will co-author a book. Foundation of identity
Build a fundament, a principle of your brand. For Mark it is about human, future, honesty, trust, truth, integrity. Stick to it and show up.
The key is to see that you have only a few people following you, and still being consistent with your message day in, day out.
Eventually you connect to the right people and grow something bigger than yourself.
Nr. 1 problem on Earth is: WE LIE! We create a layer of life where the fake you has distorted reality, because you have externalised.
Atomic habits by James Clear: Your every action is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. It’s not about the goal, it is about the identity. If you have to worry about something, it is about who the person you are going to create is. Then be consistent.
I hope you enjoyed the episode and that you’ll share the knowledge further.
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