Interviewed on UX design at a time of apocalypse

What is our true purpose? Why are we here? How to live a joyful and fulfilled life? What are universal human values and skills and what makes us HUMAN in the first place?

How to reconnect with the nature and people around us? And what skills do we need in case of an Apocalypse? 😉

We discussed the future of humanity and what would a designer do in times of Apocalypse?

In This Episode We Discussed

1) If you had to explain to your grandma what does UX Designer does, what would you say?

2) Why empathy is THE essential skill in the work of a UX Designer?

3) How will the world look like 2050 and what skills our children should develop in order to find employment in the world dominated by Robots and AI?

4) If you are a UX Designer and you experience mass destruction and wilderness in a post- Apocalyptic world, how do you use your skills? And many more!

What’s Special About Xhensila?

Xhensila Reci is a designer, podcaster and community builder. Born and raised in sunny Albania, she moved to Denmark in her early 20’s, to pursue the dream of creative higher education. What better place to study than Denmark – the design capital of the world. After graduating digital concept development she wants to make the world a better place, one design project at a time. Of course, all that while singing “Run the World (Girls)” and dancing salsa.