Honestly, rarely have I been so kickass-inspired by someone’s keynote talk as I was by (my now good friend) Aral. You’ve got to listen to this episode, even to just get your daily dose of pep-talk.

I attended UX Camp Copenhagen this month where I met one of the keynote speakers, Aral Balkan. Aral is a designer, coder, and human rights activist, who has spoken at over 75 events in different countries. His keynotes are inspirational talks where he introduces ethical design, criticizes surveillance capitalism and explores topics with great significance.

In this episode you will hear about his journey from becoming aware of his privileges and inequality in the world while growing up in Malaysia, to becoming an activist of human rights in the age of technology. With his work at ind.ie he aspires to create a fairer and more equal internet. Aral believes that everything that is build on the internet should be ethical, free and open. Learn how to be an individual contributor to this movement.

If you need even more inspiration, listen to his excellent talk “Design or Decoration”: vimeo.com/243516363

Check out Aral’s work:
The universal declaration of cyborg rights: www.cyborgrights.eu

Follow Aral on:
Twitter: @aral
Website: ar.al
Mastodon: mastodon.ar.al

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