Virtual hi! 👋🏻

My name is Xhensila and I work with creatives to create digital wonders.

🏆 Putting together great teams?

Personality or intelligence tests? Not if you ask me. A good team dynamic starts with the individual. By co-designing meaningful jobs with each member and fostering dynamics of well-being, personal growth, openness, sharing and respect. A team where everyone feels included in the work process is crucial, because we’re only better, together.

💫 Designing meaningful jobs

Meaningful jobs is where there is freedom. Mastery. Connection. Impact. Clear communication and ownership. By prioritising the growth of each individual in our team, we ensure they find purpose in their jobs. I combine my understanding of UX design and work experience as a team lead, to envision how my teams move forward as an inspired unit.

Interviewed from ITVOJ on user experience design

👩🏻‍💻 Occupation ft. Passion
I worked as a digital project manager with e-commerce solutions because I believe digitalisation removes clutter and complexity from human lives. Although I love how digital is still revolutionising the world, clutter is accumulated in human minds instead. My passion is to be able to prioritise and promote mental well-being and connection in my professional and personal space.

🧠 Public speaking and storytelling
I am curious about personal development and after a decade of collecting inspiring stories, I use public speaking and workshops to share thoughts and techniques on how to continuously upgrade yourself.

“Work-life balance” – open meetup with Ladies that UX Aarhus

2017: Created the first season “Digital Nordic Creatives” design podcast with a team of two other brilliant creatives.

2018: Founded Ladies that UX Aarhus – a global network with local meetups that promote skill, talent, as well as knowledge sharing and collaborations among women in tech.

Speaker for Internet Week Denmark

2019: Started Mind the human podcast where I discuss topics of importance on human well-being with opinionated leaders globally.

Interested in working with me?

Write to me for workshops, keynote talks or be a guest in my podcast.